Dettagli frammento / Clip details

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Num. inventario del frammento
Clip inventory number

Titolo film
Film title
  Alboino e Rosmunda
Titolo alternativo
Alternate title(s)
Titolo busta Turconi
Title on Turconi env.
  Alboin; Alboino
Casa di produzione
Production co.
Data di uscita
Release date
  Ernesto Maria Pasquali
Film conservato c/o
Film preserved at
  BFI; Associazione Italiana per le Ricerche di Storia del Cinema

Processi colorazione
Color processes
Black & White

Altri particolari
Other details

Scritte sui margini
Edge inscriptions

Manifatt. pellicola
Stock manufacturer
Catalogo Joye n.
Joye Catalogue no.
Totale frammenti
Total title clips
Frammento conservato c/o
Fragment preserved at
  George Eastman House
Num. fotogrammi
Number of frames

Note / Notes
See 0001...0029, 8257...8265, 10634...10641, 19731...19787, 21492...21496.

GEH 0001...0029:

[n. 549

GEH 8257...8265:
[n. 549
Pasquali 1909]

Friuli 10634...10641:
[Ali Babà (6)
N. 43
? 214 519/91]
Mounted in slide frames. The slide is positioned before paper divider not numbered. [519] is written on slide frame with blue ink. [1] is written on slide frame with red ink - DC

Friuli 19731...19787:
Mounted in slide frames

Friuli 21492...21496:
Mounted in slide frames

Commenti, aggiunte e correzioni / Comments, additions and corrections
JLY 6/19/2009

JLY 4/20/2009
Fixed the Pasquali-Stock issue, per PCU’s suggestion.d

PCU, 4/20/2009
I just noticed that Pasquali is being credited as Stock Manufacturer. I don’t think this is the case. As far as I know Pasquali was not manufacturing motion picture stock. I’d suggest to delete the reference throughout the database.

UR 1/30/2008
I think it is indeed the “slide box issue.” We need to adapt our procedures to those, and I’m not sure there’s a safe way to get around this confusion by “selective transcribing.” With multiple title envelopes, it was still unambiguous which label referred to which set of clippings (e.g. as they were stapled or folded), but with slide boxes that probably isn’t so. They have writing all over the box plus little dividers with or without dividers, and we may not always be able to make a definite call whicn of the many numbers or titles referred to which set of clippings.
Maybe Daniela can chime in when she finds a chance to review this?

JY 1/28/2008
It’s not very easy to track back the specific envelopes to the specific clippings in this case I’m afraid.

Also, what’s with “Ali Babà in the notes field? Was that what the slide box was labeled, and did it contain two films? It looks like it’s Unid. 10642...10647, title # 0537. Any sense of why the title on Envelope is “Unid.” rather than “Ali Babà”? Also, if a slide box contains multiple titles, it should be noted in the notes field for the relevant titles. In other words, we need to figure out a way not to make it confusing as to why “Ali Babà” is showing up in the notes field for “Alboin”.

UR 1/21/2008

I have found and scanned one additional ”Alboino”envelope below, it reads
Pasquale 1090]
Can we trace back which clip inventory numbers it belonged to?