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2007 Video Shows -- 21st Century Silents

Alternative Title 1 His Last Request
Alternative Title 2
Alternative Title 3
Country Spain
Release Date 2005
Production Co. Silicon Artists, Madrid
Director Simon Birrell

Format   Speed (fps)
Footage   Time

Archive Source Silicon Artists, Madrid
Print Notes Versione con didascalie in inglese / English intertitles.

Jack Taylor (il padre/the father), Iris Díaz (l’infermiera/the nurse), Carmen Vadillo (la figlia/the daughter), Ramón Rados (l’avvocato/the lawyer)
Other Credits
scen: Simon Birrell; prod. esec./exec. prod: Milena Ivanova; f./ph: Pablo Baudet; mont./ed: Leixandre Froufe; scg./des: Zaida Jiménez; cost: Rocio Gleizer; aiuto regia/asst. dir: Nadia Navarro
Other Information
Program Notes
Giornate audiences are accustomed to “21st Century Silents” which are usually gentle and nostalgic. Simon Birrell’s film is an exception, a highly sensuous erotic short horror story. He writes, “People who ‘die with their eyes open’ are those who expire bitterly regretting the missed experience, the unfulfilled wish, or the unconsummated dream. In His Last Request, a sick father and his daughter hire an attractive young nurse to care for him during his final days. The old man soon realizes that there is one last thing he needs to do.”
The film stars the American-born legend of Spanish horror films, Jack Taylor (born 1936), who has worked with many cult figures, including Jess Franco and José Ramón Larraz, as well as with such mainstream directors as Roman Polanski and André Téchiné. (Adapted from the production notes)