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Festival Year Festival Section
2007 René Clair: Le silence est d’or -- Prog. 8

Film Title LA TOUR
Alternative Title 1
Alternative Title 2
Alternative Title 3
Country France
Release Date 17 May 1929
Production Co. Films Albatros
Director René Clair

Format   Speed (fps)
35mm   20
Footage   Time
293 m.   13'

Archive Source Cinémathèque Française, Paris
Print Notes Senza didascalie / No intertitles

Other Credits
f./ph: Georges Périnal, Nicolas Roudakoff
Other Information
Program Notes
Clair’s silent cinema is book-ended by the Eiffel Tower, that “tall iron girl I have always been in love with”. In Paris qui dort, the tower had served a dramatic and symbolic function. Clair felt he had not exhausted all its visual possibilities, and in March 1928, during a hiatus in his contract with Films Albatros, he asked producer Alexandre Kamenka for a cameraman to shoot a one-reel documentary on his beloved Paris landmark. The film is simply structured and fluidly edited: after a brief historical presentation, the camera ascends, then descends through the tower’s intricate lacework of wrought iron, admiring its powerful lines and gracious contours. Alexandre Arnoux, an early champion of Clair’s films, called it a “poem of sober and metallic magnificence”. The production marked Clair’s first collaboration with a young cameraman who, along with set designer Lazare Meerson, would become one of the pillars of Clair’s artistic team: Georges Périnal. – LENNY BORGER