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Alternative Title 1 [TENTH ACT OF TAIKOKI, THE]
Alternative Title 2 [DECIMO ATTO DI TAIKOKI, IL]
Alternative Title 3
Country Japan
Release Date 1908
Production Co. M. Pathe
Director ?

Format   Speed (fps)
35mm   16
Footage   Time
1044 ft.   17'

Archive Source National Film Center
Print Notes Senza didascalie / No intertitles.

Sakiji Ichikawa
Kasen Nakamura
Utae Nakamura
Other Credits
Ozawa, Kaku (ph.)
Other Information
Donald Sosin, pianoforte.
prima proiezione / released 10.12.1908
Program Notes
This is one of the rare surviving early Japanese films that show us the style of Kabuki films. M. Pathe was a Japanese film company founded in 1906 by Shokichi Umeya; it has nothing to do with the French company Pathé Frères. The name was probably borrowed by Umeya because "Pathé" symbolized cinema itself for Japanese audiences in this period, and Umeya himself had bought many used prints of French Pathé films before he launched his company.
Taikoki Judanme is an adaptation of Ehon Taikoki, a 13-act Kabuki play. Kabuki films of this period usually consisted of screen adaptations of acts of Kabuki stage plays. This play describes the story of the last thirteen days of Mitsuhide Takechi; the tenth act was the play's most famous.
Mitsuhide hears a rumor that his enemy Hisayoshi Hashiba plans to disguise himself and sneak up to his house. In a case of mistaken identity, Mitsuhide kills his own mother, thinking she is Hisayoshi. Later Hisayoshi confronts Mitsuhide and challenges him to a fight. - HK